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National Print Museum

Creative Ireland along with the Aviva Stadium Community Fund and the Wild Apple Press are proud to have played a role in a hugely significant skills transfer project “Making our Impression” at the National Print Museum.

The National Print Museum is a unique collection that consists of fully-operational letterpress printing equipment, displayed and organised in the manner of a traditional 1960s print-shop. The panel of retired printers and compositors, who founded the Museum continue to play an integral role in preserving the collection and craft. A major challenge is preserving their knowledge and skills, and passing these on to future generations.

“Making our Impression” is an innovative project that sort to include the widest audience possible in the preservation of the nation’s printing heritage. This skills transfer programme gave the Museum’s panel of retired printers and compositors the opportunity to share their specialist knowledge and skills with groups of young designers and printers, who in turn have committed to passing on the craft to others.

Don Kerrigan, Printer

"The history of printing has to continue, it was so important to the development of civilisations, I am so proud to be part of it."

The response to the first iteration of “Making Our Impression” was overwhelming. The Museum’s panel of retired printers and compositors along with bookbinder, Tommy Duffy relished the opportunity to work with eight letterpress enthusiasts to continue the legacy of their craft.

The project’s Training Manager, letterpress printer Mary Plunkett, is currently engaging the participants in a number of print practice sessions and all have had the opportunity to demonstrate and share their new skills at recent Museum events.

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