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8th Aug 2023
to 15th Oct 2023

Age Range
All ages

An Augmented Reality Experience along the Yeats Trail in Sligo

W.B. Yeats, Irelands National Poet, spent much of his formative years in Sligo, where he would frequently visit his mother’s relatives, often for extended periods of time. As an adult, he also returned, drawing inspiration from many places.  The newly devised Yeats Trail provides the visitor with a route they can travel between some of the best known and best loved locations mentioned in Yeats’s poetry, taking in well known locations like Hazelwood and Dooney Rock, including spectacular views towards the Lake Isle of Innisfree. Almost all of the locations on the Yeats Trail have accompanying waymarked trails, and each has an artistic installation where one can sit and enjoy the views or reflect on the beauty of these surroundings, many of which have remained largely unchanged since the time of W.B. Yeats himself. This Culture and Creativity project would create an immersive, walkable augmented reality Augmented Reality (AR) experience, at a selected location on the trail, available via an app. Users would point their mobile device at a physical location, and the AR production would overlay a digital, 3D spatial environment on top of the physical world. The experience is highly engaging, as users can move around and interact with the environment, and meet a life-sized representation of a Yeats recital with short excerpts from selected works and perhaps brief biographical material. Often, people visit these places without fully understanding their significance or history. 

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