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Cell structure of sphagnum moss, approximately 6,000 years old


The Banner Project

The Banner Project (Phase 1) was a Creative Ireland-funded 2021 eco-art project focusing on Drummin Bog, South Carlow.

Run by artist Jules Michael with the support of The Drummin Bog Project and Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald, the Banner Project (Phase 1) culminated in an event in Drummond Hall in October 2021. This brought together Creative Ireland-funded connections which had been activated on Drummin Bog through 2021 between science, creativity, history, and the surrounding community.

A preceding July visit by Wet Futures/UCC paleo-archaeologists to Drummin Bog for some peat sampling formed the basis for the October 2021 event. The scientists’ carbon dating results fed into a photographic exhibition of 5,000 year old pollens, and a presentation on the deep time of Drummin Bog.

snail fragment from ancient bog

Paleolithic snail fragment from Drummin Bog

A rich schedule of wood-turning skills, barn owl conservation strategies, local historical artefacts display, and an ecologist’s walk and talk made for an event which connected with the local Men’s Shed, adult outreach centre, local schools, members of the community and other scientists and artists creating a diverse and inclusive two days with many visitors, including the Minister for Heritage and Electoral reform, Malcolm Noonan.

Drummin Bog ecologist walk 2021

To see a visual record of this event and its story, click here.

The Banner Project (Phase 2) is currently underway and will be conclude in May 2022.

Keep an eye on for further updates and information.

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